Therapeutic grade essential oils have been around for centuries, but are more recently making a comeback as people are realizing the toxic load that chemicals and synthetic medicines place on their bodies. doTERRA therapeutic grade essential oils are potent and pure, safe for use even with babies with varying levels of dilution.

Whether you choose to use aromatically, topically, or internally, essential oils are a natural, safe and effective way to get to the root cause of health symptoms, increase your immune support, and enhance your physical and emotional health without the chemicals or side effects of many medications. They are also very cost-effective!

Essential oils are best used in glass or metal containers – their purity can break down properties of plastic, styrofoam, etc.

Some excellent ones to start with are:


Sourced from Sicily, it is amazing for detoxifying, purifying, and invigorating! A drop in your water helps detox your body as a natural diuretic (and tastes great!) Put it in a spray bottle and use for cleaning as a natural disinfectant, or a couple drops in a diffuser to energize you for the day. You see so many lemon products for energy or cleaning, what better way than making your own naturally?


Sourced from France, it is known for its calming effects. Put a couple of drops in a spray bottle of water (especially if it’s rosewater), then spray on your pillow to enhance your relaxation and sleep. It is lesser known that it can also help with skin imperfections such as acne, hives, burns or stretch marks. Diffuse in a room to promote wellbeing and reduce stress. Dilute with fractionated coconut oil, rub along the spine and bottoms of the feet for a colicy baby.


Sourced in the Pacific US, this oil is excellent for its cooling properties, digestion issues, nausea, and enhancing mental awareness. A drop in your water aids throat health and invigorates your mind. Or put a drop in your hands, rub together, and inhale to get through that afternoon slump. Try a drop in green tea with honey instead of Pepto Bismol!

These three oils together are also a power trio against allergies! Put 2 drops of each in a veggie capsule to take internally, or 5 drops each with water in a spray bottle – close your eyes, spray your face – this has been known to alleviate most allergy symptoms.

I encourage you to be open-minded to this form of proactive healthcare. I’m not saying don’t go to a doctor when needed, but for daily self-care and immune support, this is an excellent alternative.

For more information, please contact me: Lisa DePatie, doTERRA Wellness Advocate, or or call (815) 685-0057

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