Problem:  Wrinkles – Constant staring down at your phone when you are surfing the net or browsing social media can lead to wrinkling under the neck and chin referred to as “tech neck.”  Also, squinting at print that that is too small can cause crows feet around the eyes.

Solution: Spend less time on the phone and when using one, bring the phone up to eye level instead of looking downward.

Problem: Brown Spots – Your cell phone uses radiofrequency energy to operate, which in turn produces a great deal of heat. This heat triggers a cascade in melanin production that is responsible for skin pigmentation and can produce brown spots or uneven discoloration on the face.

Solution:  Use a hands-free device, Bluetooth, or speakerphone settings. Also, use a Sunscreen that also has protection against Infrared (heat) like Skin Medica’s Total Defense and Repair.

Problem: Acne – Your phone is dirty. Recent studies have shown that, in most cases, a cell phone is 10x dirtier and has more bacteria than a toilet seat (YUCK!) Think about how many times you set your phone down on something and pick it up to put it right back on your face.

Solution: Wipe your phone down with alcohol wipes often. Use a hands-free device, Bluetooth, or speakerphone settings

If you are noticing some or all of these problems, Florida Skin Center can help. Florida Skin Center is a full service dermatology office offering routine visits for acne and other skin concerns. We also specialize in cosmetic dermatology and can help to tailor a treatment plan to address your cosmetic concerns. There are many different treatment options from creams that help to correct wrinkling and brown spots, to Botox and fillers that help to soften fine lines and wrinkles, helping to rejuvenate your face and neck. Florida Skin Center also has two certified aestheticians on staff that performs procedures such as facials, chemical peels, and micro-needling.

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