Changes in vision are a natural part of your child’s varying stages of development. However, children often don’t realize that their vision is causing them trouble. They simply haven’t experienced the clarity of what “normal” eyesight should look like. That’s why comprehensive eye exams are key to monitoring children’s vision development. They should be used as a tool to ensure that your child is best prepared for a successful school year. If your child has had trouble in the classroom or keeping up with other students, this could be a sign of vision deficiency. Schedule an eye exam to determine if poor eyesight could be impacting their school performance.

Just as you would schedule your child’s annual physical, it is important to schedule an eye exam each year to have an accurate depiction of your child’s overall eye health. A comprehensive eye exam is more than just a vision screening. It is a vital component of a health and wellness regimen.

Vision screenings are typically available through schools, however, they are not as intuitive and in-depth as a comprehensive eye exam. They will likely not catch more subtle forms of vision loss or other health problems that an ophthalmologist or optometrist would be able to diagnose with an eye exam. Beyond the common problems of near or farsightedness, there are many diseases and potential areas of concern. Diabetes, amblyopia, refractive errors, color blindness, retinal tears and ocular surface diseases can be detected during a comprehensive eye exam.

Ensure your child’s back to school experience goes smoothly by scheduling an eye exam so that they can simply focus on doing their best this school year.

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