Children and ear infections seem to go hand in hand.  In fact, children under the age of six are commonly known to have ear infections.  Some instances of ear infections can be so frequent as to require tubes being placed in the ears for proper fluid drainage.  However, tubes don’t always solve the problem, and continued ear infections can lead to more infections in the future or even hearing loss.  The good news is that ear infections don’t have to be a part of your “normal.”  Chiropractic care is a safe and natural way to alleviate common ear problems without the use of potentially harmful prescription medication or surgery.  Antibiotics are not always effective at reducing instances of ear infections and can often cause unpleasant side effects. Cape Coral chiropractor Dr. Omar Clark can speed up the healing process for those with ear infections and alleviate the symptoms of ear infections from occurring in the future.

Primary Causes of Ear Infections in Children

Adults are not commonly prone to ear infections because as we age, our Eustachian tubes tilt at an upward angle, allowing fluid to drain.  Children, however, have Eustachian tubes that are parallel to the ground.  This can lead to fluid retention and ear infections.  As they grow older, the tubes will begin to tilt, but their parallel position during childhood causes blockage, inflammation, and infections in the ear.

Another issue children often have is an atlas vertebra misalignment.  While this may not seem important, a misalignment of the atlas vertebra (located at the top of the spinal column) can also cause the blockage and buildup that leads to ear infections. The nerves that connect the brain to the ears run directly through the atlas, so a misalignment in this vertebra can lead to dysfunction in the ears.  Parents of children who suffer from ear infections regularly want to find relief for their child.  Antibiotics just mask the symptoms and not treat the primary cause, so ear infections continue to come back.  Some ear infections are caused by a virus that must simply work its way out of the system, which cannot be treated with antibiotics.  Chiropractic is a solution for ear infections, whether viral or bacterial, that seeks to treat the initial cause of ear infections, the fluid buildup, so that your child can be free from infection, not just simply better for the time being until another infection occurs.

Pediatric Chiropractic Corrects Fluid Buildup

Children can find relief from constant ear infections with visits to a Cape Coral chiropractor.  In fact, multiple case studies have been done to show how chiropractic can help reduce symptoms of ear infections without harmful side effects.  In one such case study, a 9 month old baby presented with frequent occurrences of ear infections.  After just five weeks of gentle adjustments to the atlas vertebra, the baby’s ear showed no signs of fluid buildup and he experienced relief from persistent ear infections.  His pediatrician even decided that he was no longer a candidate for ear tubes!  Dr. Omar Clark can perform a spinal assessment and gently adjust your child to remove spinal misalignments and fluid buildup in the ear.

If your child suffers from ear infection after ear infection, contact Dr. Omar Clark of Experience Family Chiropractic to find out how chiropractic can offer relief.


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