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If you had the chance to attend a weekend event where you would have fun, eat delicious food, and learn how to begin (or enhance) cooking a healthy, plant-based diet, which of the following activities would be highest on your priority list?

Please choose your favorites from the below list, then rank them in order of interest (with your highest interest listed first). Spell them out in a reply to this post; there’s no need to list them all, only your favorites. You can also email me privately at The thought of offering such weekend retreats in sunny Florida is on my radar. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated and will help me determine the most helpful things to offer. Thank you!

___ Cooking demonstrations (with no personal involvement)

___ Meal preparation with hands-on participation

___ How to batch cook (hands-on)

___ Short slide preso on various health topics (diabetes, heart disease, cancer)

(which topic?_______________)

___ Short slide preso on the topic of dairy

___ Short slide preso on the topic of inflammatory foods

___ Short slide preso on the topic of Brain Health

___ Tips for transitioning to plant-based eating

___ Tips to overcome obstacles and procrastination

___ Label-reading mini-class

___ Watch a popular health/nutrition documentary

___ Develop meal plans to fit my family

___ Go on a grocery shopping tour

___ Learn how to choose wisely from a menu

___ Morning exercise session (yoga, walking, swimming – your choice)

___ A free-time session to do as I wish (pool, sun, read, whatever)

___ A combo – I like them all

___ A combo – I like them all – plus include devotionals

___ Other: ___________________________________

If you don’t ask for advice, your plans will fail. With many advisors, they will succeed.

(Proverbs 15:22, ERV)

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