There is a big adjustment period after a new baby is born,
both for the new mom and her entire family. Even the newborn is adjusting to
life outside the womb by learning how to breathe, eat, and sleep without the
warmth of mama’s body surrounding him or her. Dad has to learn how to care for
a new baby and connect with it, all the while dealing with mom’s intense
emotions that are brought on by post-partum hormones and sleep deprivation.

Every woman knows her body will change in some ways after
the baby is born, and they know that their body will need time to heal and
recover from nine months of being pregnant and from birthing their child. One
thing a lot of moms don’t realize, however, is how much their spine is affected
by childbirth. Additionally, most parents-to-be and veteran parents are unaware
of how much the health of their baby’s spine is affected by the birthing
process. Dr. Omar Clark and the team at Experience Family Chiropractic are
passionate about educating their community about the healing power of
chiropractic and how important it is for new moms and newborns to receive
gentle, specific chiropractic adjustments.

Changes in
Mom’s Spine

During pregnancy,
a woman’s spinal curve (the good curve that goes from back to front) shifts to
account for a change in her center of gravity. Her tendons and ligaments are
also loosened, particularly around her hips and uterus, to make room for the
growing baby and to prepare her body for giving birth. Not only that, but the
organs all get shifted around to account for the space the baby is taking up.
So once the baby is born, mom’s body has a lot of changing to do to restore the
normal structure of everything inside her. Even if the mom has an easy,
natural, and peaceful delivery, her body has to put forth a great deal of
effort to birth the baby, and she often experiences soreness and discomfort in
many areas of her body for several days after delivery. Healing must take place
for her body to get back to its normal state, and principled chiropractic care
from Dr. Clark in Cape Coral, FL will help speed up and maximize healing.

Effects on
Baby’s Spine

Studies have found that the large majority of newborns have
at least one spinal subluxation, or misalignment of the vertebrae. Due to how
babies are delivered, there is often a[OC1]
great deal of forceful twisting and pulling on the head that results in these misalignments.
If they aren’t corrected, subluxations can lead to a number of health
concerns and problems
in babies and kids. Some common infant issues that
have been linked to subluxations include colic, sleep problems, and acid
reflux. More severe problems related to the spine include spinal cord damage
and brain stem injuries. Even when babies are delivered vaginally and with no
instruments, they can still have trauma to their spine and should be checked
after birth for subluxations. Especially if you give birth with more
interventions, such as a C-section, vacuum extraction, or forceps delivery, you
should have your newborn examined by a chiropractor because misalignments of
the spine are more common with these types of deliveries.

The spine shifts and changes for pregnant mothers, and
childbirth puts added pressure on the spine, often resulting in misalignments
and pain. Babies also go through a very intense experience when they’re
birthed, so it’s important for both moms and newborns to be under regular and
consistent chiropractic care. Dr. Omar Clark of Experience Family Chiropractic is
a principled and neurologically-based chiropractor who is passionate about
seeing the health of families in Cape Coral improve. Contact Dr. Clark and his
team today to set up your consultation.


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